Espresso Coffee Maker Secrets Disclosed
by YO CoffeeTech

QuestionCan you afford mistakes when making coffee for your customers?

Is Your Coffee Just Right? ...
Or Are You Chasing Coffee Lovers Away?

Do you have a coffee shop full of coffee lovers? Do you know how to give your customers a coffee tasting experience that will make a difference ..... bringing them back for more, time after time? If not, ask yourself this question...

"How do you honestly expect to stay in business?" It's too easy not to care to go that extra mile .....

Granted, those that do not know what to expect from a cup of coffee when they go to coffee shops, often end up going to many different coffee shops. Then, one day they'll experience that 'wow' factor ..... an exceptionally great tasting coffee which turns them into a devoted coffee lover.

Your business is your livelihood. If you absolutely NEEDED to grow your business, would you be willing to do whatever it takes to get your establishment on the top of a coffee lover's list?

If I told you everything that was expected of you ..... what coffee machine to choose, how to look after it, how to reduce your costs on coffee maker repairs, how to make great tasting coffee, how to add more espresso choices to your menu with a variety of latte art choices for your cappuccino presentations ..... would you be willing to listen?

If not - good luck in the real world. If so, then I have something for you. It's called....

"Espresso Coffee Maker Secrets Disclosed by YO CoffeeTech "

Espresso Coffee Maker Secrets Disclosed If you are looking to improve your profits, you can find your way to the top of your potential coffee lover's list with this unfair advantage that I have stowed away for you right here.

Maybe you're a new barista ..... Maybe you've recently opened your establishment ..... Hey, maybe you just need a fresh approach!

No matter what the situation, there are hundreds of establishments in the same boat as you. You need a stable income ... the bills are piling up ... there are loans to repay ... credit to fix or establish ... it'd be nice to buy something special you could never currently afford. A steady salary could finally be a reality ... or maybe you'd just like to step out of your establishment without being strapped for cash.

If you want any of this to come true - you need to find a way to get more customers into your establishment .... and get them coming back again and again!

There are so many competitors out there... I spoke of hundreds of establishments being in the same boat as you - but I FORGOT to say that often there could be lots of competitors targeting the very same COFFEE LOVERS as you!

It can be tough to compete, especially when the economy is in a down turn.

With the stakes so high, you just simply cannot afford to be complacent and not do your best at your establishment. Ask yourself this...

"Can you really afford to give less then your best to your customers?"

If your business doesn't flourish, you're going to be kicking yourself for thinking a half-hearted effort would fly. You would have just wasted a valuable opportunity which could be a mistake that costs you tens of thousands a year! Don't let this happen to you.

As you'll see, my valuable guide uncovers the...

"Secrets Of Turning Your Espresso Coffee Machine Into A Paying Business!"

Espresso Coffee Maker Secrets Disclosed by YO CoffeeTech " is a step by step guide to using your coffee making equipment correctly and LOOKING AFTER IT PROPERLY! If you're someone who recognizes that every espresso is the most important espresso, this Book is for you.

Just LOOK at some of the information you’ll be getting …

Section 1

  • How to choose your coffee machine (Pages 4 - 6)
  • The optimum use of your coffee machine's components (Pages 7 - 11)
  • Your water supply and waste set-up (Page 12)
  • Your coffee grinder plays a key role (Pages 13 & 14)
  • Your checklist during your shift (Page 15)
  • Essential daily coffee machine cleaning (Pages 16 & 17)

Section 2

  • Discover the secrets of making great espresso coffee (Pages 20 & 21)
  • Is your coffee 'Just Right'? (Page 22)
  • How to froth milk correctly (Pages 23 & 24)
  • 13 choices of espresso coffees to add to your menu, and how to make them (Pages 25 - 28)
  • 7 designs for your latte art presentations, and how to do them (Pages 29 - 40)

Section 3

  • Troubleshooting - problems, possible causes and fixes (Pages 43 - 47)
  • Regenerating your water softener (Pages 48 - 50)

I'm going to ask you something I've already asked you... "Can you really afford to give less then your best to your customers?"

If so, this Book is going to teach you the right way to make and serve coffee. Did you know that many coffee lovers often send back their coffee, if it isn't up to standard? Pages 20 - 22 are your sources for what an espresso or cappuccino should look and taste like.

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Why take the risk of simply not preparing enough?

A successful business owner will believe this ... "Every customer is the most important customer". There's no reason not to acquire every single one of them. Why not have several coffee lovers competing for a place at your establishment?

You can take outright advantage of the fact that most of your competitors just don't know what is expected of them when making coffee. But you will with our help - guaranteed!

You may still feel nervous - but you will come across as more confident knowing that you are prepared for whatever this interview is going to throw your way.

Order "Espresso Coffee Maker Secrets Disclosed" today ...

You may find yourself the top coffee shop in your area ..... What will that do to your bottom line? Making really decent tasting coffee that keeps old and new customers coming back for more, will reward you ... EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

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