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    If you target coffee shop owners or coffee lovers and you want to enhance your website, brand awareness or make more sales, sponsorship is right for you.

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    • How to set up a Coffee Shop
    • Purchasing coffee machines and spares
    • Coffee Beans
    • Troubleshooting coffee maker problems
    • Cleaning and maintaining coffee machines
    • Latte Art
    • Barista Training

    If you target an audience interested in any of the above or related topics, a sponsorship campaign may work well for you.


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    YO Coffeetech

    Between 14 September 2011 and 13 September 2012

    Unique visitors: 1,182+

    Number of Visits: 4,726+

    Page Views: 6,377+

    Hits: 27,564 +

    Avg Duration: 00:03:19

    Top 10 visitors in this order: United States; Europe; Israel; South Africa; Ukraine; Germany; China; Great Britain; Russia; India.

    Most Popular Pages: #1 = Home; #2 = For Sale; #3 =Latte Art; #4 =Machines; #5 = Grinders; #6 =Accessories;


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    Cost: $30 Per Month

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    Availability: 1 position currently available

    Note: All text links placed on the website have the “nofollow” tag applied.

    This package includes one text based link on every single page of this website (over 1,000 pages) including the main front page. You provide the anchor text and link URL and may change your link any time.

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