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Edible Coffee Cups Trial By Air New Zealand

    Article from BBC News – 5 December 2019 New Zealand’s national airline says it is trialling edible coffee cups in a bid to reduce the amount of waste on board its planes. The cups, by local company Twiice, are made from vanilla-flavoured biscotti – and are apparently “leak-proof”. They are a coffee cup made of cereals […]

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    5 Simple Tips to Select the Best Coffee Beans

      If you are passionate about your coffee, you should know how to choose the best coffee beans and grind them yourself to have the best coffee experience. As a lover of coffee you have probably found the right blend or bean that exactly suits your taste. However there are many of us who have yet to […]

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      Regular Coffee Drinkers Have ‘Cleaner’ Arteries

        By Michelle Roberts – Health editor, BBC News online Drinking a few cups of coffee a day may help people avoid clogged arteries – a known risk factor for heart disease – Korean researchers believe. They studied more than 25,000 male and female employees who underwent routine health checks at their workplace. Employees who drank […]

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