Coffee Bean Grinders

Coffee Grinders Must Always Have Sharp Burrs

Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinders come in two types …

  • 1
    With flat grinding burrs, lower output more economical grinder.
  • 2
    With conical grinding burrs, higher output or a better yielding, less over-heating grinder.

The 1 kg or 2 kg hopper is transparent plastic needing to be cleaned regularly to avoid accumulation of oils on the sides becoming rancid.

If you use a pressure, sealed tin of coffee beans instead of the plastic hopper, then you’ll need an adaptor to fit the tin onto the top of your coffee grinder.

Depending on your usage, a good guideline to follow is to only fill the hopper quarter full i.e. 250 grams of coffee beans at a time.

Only grind enough coffee beansCoffee Beans Grinder to cover the ‘wagon wheel’ of the dose dispensing unit. This keeps the coffee fresher and prevents over-heating of the grinding burrs and ground coffee.

Periodically check the grinding efficiency (suitability of grind) of your coffee grinder for your espresso coffee machine output time ie 25 seconds pour time.

When trying out different brews adjust your coffee grinder with the adjustable knob until you reach the correct dose. A single espresso dose should weigh between 7 and 9 grams.

Use a manual tamper or the tamping device located on your coffee grinder. Remove excess coffee grounds (termed 'bless the coffee') from the rim or edge of your filter cup by hand.

If your grinder burrs are blunt, there’ll be too much coffee dust in the ground coffee. Clean your grinder burrs regularly with a small brush.

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