Coffee Accessories for Great Espresso

    If making a great cup of coffee can be considered an art form, espresso may be construed as the medium’s supreme expression. Few things on this planet can equal the full-bodied aroma and the intense but smooth taste of an expertly made espresso. It takes coffee to a whole new level of enjoyment.

    There was a time when devotees of this coffee specialty drink could only have their espresso shot from select gourmet specialty coffee shops. However, with the proliferation of espresso machines for the home brewer, fans can now savor its delectable flavor any time of day or night.

    Aside from the espresso machine, there are some additional accessories that are recommended for that perfect cup of espresso coffee.

    The Tamper

    Espresso is made by forcing pressurized hot water through finely ground compacted coffee. The idea is to create an emulsion by extracting the oils from the beans as well as the dissolved components for maximum flavor.

    A tamper is necessary to ensure that the coffee in the filter basket is level and smooth, without any air pockets. Aside from fitting snugly in the filter basket, a tamper should feel right in your hand. You need to tamp 9-15 kg of pressure for every seven grams of coffee for proper compaction. If the tamper does not fit naturally into your hand, this will be very difficult to do. You will likely end up with improperly compacted grounds and a disappointing cup of espresso.

    The Cup

    Most people think one coffee cup is the same as any other. Generally, that is true. But the cup for espresso has to be ‘just right’ to prevent rapid deterioration. It needs to be thick enough to retain the heat. In fact, it is a good practice to heat cups for espresso by filling them first with hot water and letting them absorb some of the heat before emptying it and brewing into it. Most commercial espresso machines have a cup rack on top of the machine to heat the cups, which need to be placed face down on the rack. Most espresso experts suggest choosing a cup with a smooth, bowl-shaped interior over those with squared-off edges.

    The Steaming Pitcher (aka Frothing Pitcher)

    This typically comes in a 12 ounce size with a good pointed spout. Choose one made from sturdy, high-quality stainless steel. You want to make sure it can hold hot, steaming milk safely to prevent any accidents – and a ruined cup of espresso.

    To make the best coffee, you need to start with the best machine and tools; then you learn the proper techniques to coax the fullest flavor from the coffee. In the end, making espresso is truly an art, one which the coffee drinker and espresso lover can only be good at with practice and persistence.

    The Knock Box

    The knock box can be placed on either side of the coffee machine, which it is a great asset for those who are left-handed. The knock box is used for knocking spent coffee pucks clean from your portafilter filter basket.

    Article Source: J Martinez