Course Outline: Barista Training – Standard

    Espresso Coffee
    Cleaning Coffee Machine

    By the end of this barista training course, you should be able to earn extra income ... or ... add value to your employability ... by knowing how to make great tasting espresso coffee and keep customers coming back for more.

    Module 1Espresso Coffee Making Equipment
    Lesson 1Coffee Machine Components
    Lesson 2Coffee Bean Grinder Components
    Module 2Making Espressos
    Lesson 1Making Espresso Coffee
    Lesson 2Espresso Choices
    Lesson 3Frothing Milk Correctly for Cappuccinos
    Lesson 4Latte Art Designs for Cappuccinos
    Module 3Cleaning Coffee Making Equipment
    Lesson 1Cleaning Coffee Making Equipment
    Module 4Become Aware of Arising Problems
    Lesson 1Checking for Any Problems During Your Shift
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