Course Outline: Technician Training – Standard

    Waste Set-up
    Servicing Coffee Machine
    Coffee Bean Grinds
    Water Softener Regeneration
    Coffee Machine Wiring
    Coffee Machine Installation

    By the end of this technician training course, you should be able to earn extra income ... or ... add value to your employability ... by knowing how to service your espresso coffee making equipment; and troubleshoot arising problems.

    Module 1Coffee Making Equipment Set-up
    Lesson 1Coffee Machine Components
    Lesson 2Coffee Bean Grinder Components
    Lesson 3Espresso Coffee Machine Installation
    Lesson 4Water Supply & Waste Set-up
    Module 2Coffee Making Equipment Servicing
    Lesson 1Servicing an Espresso Coffee Machine
    Lesson 2Servicing Coffee Bean Grinder
    Lesson 3Water Softener Regeneration
    Module 3Coffee Making Equipment Maintenance
    Lesson 1Cleaning Coffee Making Equipment
    Lesson 2Troubleshooting & Solving Problems
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