DVDs: Espresso Coffee Maker Secrets Disclosed

    Question … Can you afford to allow untrained barista staff to use and maintain your expensive coffee making equipment?

    Do you have any idea, how much business you're losing or how much it's costing you to call out a coffee technician for unnecessary call-outs just because your barista staff are having 'finger' trouble or not looking after your coffee machines and grinders properly? I've seen your frustration for the continual need to train new staff to operate and keep your equipment in shape, as well as satisfy your coffee lovers experience. I've also received the complaints for having to pay for repairs which could have been easily avoided.

    But, here's an easy way out! ..... I'll show you everything ..... how the components of your coffee equipment work, how to clean and maintain it, how to make great tasting coffee, how to make more espresso choices on your menu with a variety of latte art choices for your cappuccino presentations ..... also, what to look out for and listen for during a shift to avoid costly repairs. You'll even be able to service your coffee equipment yourself! The better your barista staff are trained the longer your coffee equipment will last and the greater tasting coffee you'll keep serving to your customers ... which all translates into more profits for you ..... guaranteed!

    For the past 11 years, I've been servicing and maintaining espresso coffee equipment for commercial and home use. During this time, 80% of my call-outs could have been due to untrained barista staff having no idea how expensive coffee equipment works, how to clean it correctly and in particular, what to watch out for and listen for during their shift. Due to the nature of your industry, staff turnover is high for various reasons .... students are filling in time, earning extra money ..... staff leave for steadier income generating jobs or more money, etc .... so your staff training problems will not go away.

    How easy would it be to just pop in a DVD into your establishment's TV and let it train your barista staff as often as you like, whilst freeing up your time to get on with other issues needing your attention. You'll also keep your customers happy as your espressos will always be on tap!

    I've created a set of 3 DVD's guiding the viewer in an easy step-by-step way how to use, clean and maintain your coffee equipment, as well as how to make a variety of great tasting espresso coffees with latte art on cappuccinos.

    "Espresso Coffee Maker Secrets Disclosed by YO CoffeeTech" is now available.

    Maybe you're a new barista or want to make a career as a barista ..... maybe you've recently opened your establishment ..... hey, maybe you just need a fresh approach!

    No matter what the situation, there are hundreds of establishments in the same boat as you with lots of competitors targeting the very same COFFEE LOVERS as you!

    As you'll see, my valuable DVD's disclose the ... "Secrets of Turning Your Espresso Coffee Equipment Into a Paying Business!"

    Espresso Coffee Maker Secrets Disclosed by YO CoffeeTech " is a step by step visual guide to using your coffee making equipment correctly and LOOKING AFTER IT PROPERLY! If you're someone who recognizes that you need to control wasteful costs, this set of 3 DVD's is for you.

    Just LOOK at the information you’ll be getting …

    Disc I

    • How to choose your coffee machine
    • The optimum use of your coffee machine's components
    • Your water supply and waste set-up
    • Your coffee grinder plays a key role
    • Your checklist during your shift
    • Essential daily coffee machine cleaning 

    Disc 2

    • Discover the secrets of making great espresso coffee
    • Is your coffee 'Just Right'?
    • How to froth milk correctly
    • 13 choices of espresso coffees to add to your menu, and how to make them
    • designs for your latte art presentations, and how to do them 

    Disc 3

    • Troubleshooting - problems, possible causes and fixes
    • Servicing your coffee machine
    • Regenerating your water softener


    These DVD's are going to teach you the right way to look after your coffee equipment; and make and serve great tasting coffee. Did you know that experienced coffee lovers will send back their coffee, if it isn't up to standard? You'll learn what an espresso or cappuccino should really look and taste like.

    Why continually have the problem of untrained barista staff, when there's this easy solution to remove your headache? What's to lose? The cost of this set of 3 DVD's is equal to one coffee technician's call-out. If most of your call-out charges are unnecessary, you'll save yourself a fortune, as well as losses caused by downtime by just using them.

    Starting right now, for just $57 including shipping (the cost of one coffee technician's call-out charge) you can secure yourself a set of 3 DVD's that will train your barista staff as often as you like, remove any risk of unsatisfied coffee lovers and free your time up for more productive pursuits.

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    No Risk! 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
    If you are not satisfied, simply return the complete package within 60 days of purchase, for an immediate refund, no questions asked. Please ensure the package is returned with some form of tracking to ensure proof of receipt for your refund.

    Guarantee of delivery: Allow up to 7 working days for delivery inside South Africa and up to 21 working days for delivery outside South Africa, from date of purchase. All DVD's are shipped as registered mail to ensure you receive your package and also to enable tracking.

    Not everyone is willing to take that extra step to succeed which gives you an added advantage because you are going to be competing for customers with the very same people that did not purchase "Espresso Coffee Maker Secrets Disclosed by YO Coffeetech"

    You have the perfect opportunity to seize your earned advantage.

    When you remove the headache of continually training new barista staff and reducing costs on coffee technician call-out charges, after using these DVD's, will you say it was worth it?

    Here's to Your Success in getting a lot more customers coming through your door!