How To Make Espresso Coffee …..

    1. Switch on your coffee machine.
    2. Let your machine rise to a working pressure temperature of 1 Bar (this should take between 15 to 20 minutes).
    3. Grind the fresh roasted coffee beans stored in the hopper of your coffee bean grinder ( about 250 grams).
    4. Put the filter holder under the discharge spout of the grinder and pull the lever ONCE to discharge approx. 7 grams of the freshly ground coffee into the filter cup. Remove the filter cup from the grinder. Tap it slightly on the palm of your hand to spread the coffee evenly, then press it down with your hand tamper or the tamper affixed to your grinder.
    5. Remove any excess coffee grains from the rim / edge of the filter holder.
    6. Hook the filter holder onto the group head by placing it into position with a twisting action to set it against the rubber seal in the group head. Locking it with the bayonet catch action and the ears of the filter holder (without tightening it too hard – to avoid rapid wearing of the rubber seal).
    7. Select and press the button for your choice of delivery eg one or two cups or continuous. If you want to stop the delivery ahead of time, press the STOP button. Every time you press a button, the relative LED light will light up until the operation has finished.

Now head along to see how to make all sorts of different Espressos.