How To Make Really Good Coffee

Coffee BeansInfinite care goes into the growing, harvesting and processing of coffee in regions around the world. Equal care goes into the skilful blending, roasting, grinding and packing of the finished product. As a result of this careful preparation, it’s possible for you to enjoy the finest cup of coffee at your local coffee shop.

But … all these efforts are wasted if your coffee is badly made. Some people like strong coffee, others like it weaker, however there are certain Do’s and Dont’s that are imperative to a good cup of coffee. It’s so easy to make really good coffee, if you follow these simple rules ….

DO’s …..

  1. Use Quality Ingredients

    ….. use freshly roasted and ground coffee, then drink it fresh and hot as soon as it’s made.

  2. Use Fresh, Clean Water

    …..always start with fresh COLD water. Pre-heated water may impart an undesirable flavour to the coffee.

  3. Serve As Soon As Possible

    … tastes best if served immediately after making it. If it’s necessary to let it stand for any length of time, strain it into a thermos flask. Coffee which has cooled, cannot be re-heated without loss of flavour.

  4. Keep Equipment Clean

    ….. coffee brewing equipment must be cleaned and washed thoroughly after each use. Grounds and oils quickly become rancid and the best coffee in the world, will be ruined by dirty equipment. Have a look here for the best way to keep your coffee equipment clean.

DONT’S …..

  1. Don’t Boil Coffee

  2. Don’t Re-use Coffee Grounds

  3. Don’t Re-heat Coffee

  4. Don’t Boil the Milk

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