Making Espresso Coffee is Easy …
Your Grinder and Machine do All the Work for You

Coffee bean storage

Coffee Beans With Coffee Cup

Preferably, never buy coffee that is already ground because it goes stale very quickly. Rather buy fresh roasted, vacuum sealed beans.

Don’t store the beans in a refrigerator … just store them in sealed packets in a cool area.

Keep the milk refrigerated … preferably located close to your coffee machine.

Making the best coffee requires 4 essential ingredients … which are …

  • Clean soft / sweet water - not brackish
  • Fresh roasted beans
  • Good coffee bean grinder for FRESH grinding of coffee
  • Cold milk for frothing

How to use your coffee machine and make great espressos

Coffee Maker Diagram

  • Switch on your machine.
  • Let your machine rise to a working steam pressure / temperature of 1 Bar (this should take between 15 to 20 minutes).
  • Grind enough (about 250 grams) of fresh roasted coffee beans stored in the hopper of your grinder for your immediate use.
  • Put the filter holder under the discharge spout of the coffee grinder and pull the lever ONCE to discharge approximately 7 grams of freshly ground coffee into the filter cup/basket.
  • Remove the filter holder from the grinder. Tap it lightly on the palm of your hand or tamper - to spread the coffee evenly. Then press it down with your hand tamper or the tamper affixed to your coffee grinder.
  • Remove any excess coffee grains from the rim or edge of the filter holder.
  • Hook the filter holder onto the group head by locking the ears of the filter holder into position with a twisting action (with a bayonet catch action) to set it against the rubber seal in the group head (without tightening it too hard - to avoid rapid wearing of the rubber seal).
  • Select and press the button for your choice of delivery eg one or two cups or continuous. If you want to stop the delivery ahead of time, press the STOP button.
  • Every time you press a button, the relative LED light will light up until the operation has finished.

Perfect Espresso

The color depends on your preference for roasted beans ie light; medium or dark. Look below for guidance on what your customers would like their coffee to taste like.


Just Right


Colour Light Beige Reddish brown, sometimes striped Dark brown, mahogany, light spot
Texture Thin, large bubbles Little body – watery 3-4 mm crema thickness, fine uniform Full body Thin or central hole
Persistence Brief – < 1 minute Persistent – 2 to 3 minutes Brief – < 1 minute
Smell Little aroma Balanced aroma Sharp aroma
Taste Little flavour Persistent flavour Strong flavour



Coffee weight < 6 grams 6.5 / 7,5 grams >7,5 grams
Water temperature <88oC 90oC >92oC
Water pressure <9 Bar 9 Bar >9 Bar
Grinding Slightly coarse Fine Too fine
Tamping <20 Kg 20 Kg >20 Kg
Volume <35 cc 35 cc >35cc
Time <20 seconds 25 seconds >35 seconds